About Us

P4C in Texas?

We are a group of dedicated interdisciplinary educators who wish to produce a more engaged relationship between Texas’s universities and K-12 schools by introducing philosophy into the pre-college classroom. P4C Texas came into being when Claire Katz, Professor of Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies at Texas A&M, had hoped to bring philosophy into her own daughters’ classrooms. Katz’s educational background includes holding a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Montclair State University, where she studied with Matthew Lipman and Ann-Margaret Sharp in the Philosophy for Children program. Knowing the educational benefits of Philosophy for Children, Katz hoped to introduce this program into the local schools. What started as a small wish to teach her own children philosophy quickly developed into a larger project with the help of the Public Partnership & Outreach office (PP&O), Office of the Provost and the enthusiastic interest of administrators and teachers in the Bryan/College Station school districts.

We look forward to the continued growth of Philosophy for Children in Texas and strengthening connections with other pre-college philosophy programs both in the US and internationally.

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